PMD: Outlanders

Outlanders page 13

Date Posted: January 16th, 2019, 11:35 am

Author Notes


2 of my original #1 favorite pokemon has appeared.
@Bluemj61: thank you! my goal is to make them unique/how I like to draw them, but still being recognizable!
@Bluemj61: yay!
Omg I LOVE the way the characters are designed in this comic!!! :D
poche looks like a shiny.
@comercole: yep that's what the star is next to her name!
@Hawktalon,: oh ok
I really like the blue eyed pochyana that was my first pokemon card.
Thank you!!
First time seeing her and I already love her.
Riley is p great!!
First things first-Riley is really adorable

Second-Betting it was that buneary, and there’ll be a track made by the mud of their paws
Thank you!! And good guess lol!