PMD: Outlanders

Outlanders page 23

Date Posted: July 5th, 2019, 12:40 pm

Author Notes

Smokescreen is probably supposed to be bigger than that… Also you know how poison gets worse when you move in PMD? Maybe you shouldn’t run, Kit…


. If the charmander used tail whip, would it do fire damage?
Hmmm... maybe?
sounds horrifying.
Panel three just makes me laugh
It’s supposed to lol!
I love the question mark accompanying the "Smokescreen." Nice touch, as usual.
Lol yes it’s like Smokescreen?? Maybe??? Probably not??
@Hawktalon,: I mean, she has the right idea at least, lol
My favorite part this page is the ok new plan
Kit has good dialogue
*insert Soviet Womble joke here*
lol id give this comic a 4/10
Thanks bud
We went from plan b straight to d
Things just popped off in a major way so we had to skip plan c
Oh oh :|
Nice comic
Thank you!!
pmd poison I've never thought of poison being worse when you move before. I've only thought of it as the mystery dungeon's space-time warping putting you into a sort of frozen limbo until you've decided on an action.
That’s fair. I’d chalk it up to that and also like movement and using energy puts you in more stress and strain so you... feel the poison worse? Idk lol
I bet they'll come across a Pecha Berry or something.
Very convenient!
Throws Bone* there a we....*flies over them, hits it, instead slows it down* ........I ment to do dat
@Hawktalon,: can you make marstomp the next pokemon in this series?
I don’t really want to put any more starter lines in the comic- I have so much already and they’re already the usual characters in a lot of Pokémon! I like to use Pokémon that are less common- which you’ll see soon! If you wanna see a good Marshtomp though I’d suggest the comic Finding Your Roots!
I love that comic!