PMD: Outlanders

Outlanders page 24

Date Posted: September 4th, 2019, 3:13 pm

Author Notes

Outlanders is back!! Thanks for being so patient during the hiatus!

Continuing the original schedule, new pages will be uploaded every other Wednesday! Next one will be 9/18!


Uh oh! Hopefully they'll be okay!

Glad to see you back!
@WriterRaven: glad to be back!!
@Hawktalon,: yeah!!
yay your back!!!
Penny: *squish squish* Huh...
@DarkFireEevee: glad to be back!
^w^ Good
Woo! Super excited to see this in my update list again!
Woohoo, welcome back!
Yeaah!! You're back! Welcome back!!
Nice, the outsider of Poke-comics has come! .....OK that's kinda stupid lol.
Anywho, Welcome Back!!
Welcome back! I absolutely love that last panel <3 let’s hope they’re safe hiding in there!
Welcome back!
As usual, I especially enjoy the details you slide into the frames, like the little white "look at me!" lines around the crevice in the first frame.